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Transport of dangerous goods of all categories (ADR)

Transport of dangerous goods of all categories (ADR)

Our comprehensive transport services also include the road transport of dangerous goods in Europe. The ADR Convention defines as dangerous substances those materials that are not suitable for standard transport due to their composition, which could pose a risk to, among others, humans or the environment. These may be solids, liquids or gases. During the transport of such cargo, it is secured in such a way as to prevent it from being damaged or escaping. Our qualified drivers have the necessary qualifications to ensure the safe transport of such substances. We also have appropriately adapted vehicles marked with special ADR signs, so that we are able to guarantee our customers trouble-free transportation even of such specific cargo as this.

What materials qualify as dangerous goods?

All dangerous goods must be marked in detail in accordance with the ADR Convention. Above all, they should be properly packaged using certified packaging and marked with specific stickers identifying them. In addition, such goods must also have their own unique UN number. As far as the classification of such materials is concerned, they are divided into nine classes, which also have further sub-classes. Each class is linked to a specific hazard for humans and the environment. In total, there are therefore 13 different groups to which the individual substances belong:

  • Explosives and explosive objects (e.g. fireworks)
  • Gases (e.g. chlorine)
  • Flammable liquids (e.g. petrol)
  • Flammable solids (e.g. matches)
  • Spontaneously combustible materials (e.g. white and yellow phosphorus)
  • Materials that produce ignitable gases on contact with water (e.g. sodium)
  • Oxidising materials (e.g. synthetic fertilisers)
  • Organic peroxides (e.g. acetone peroxide)
  • Poisonous materials (e.g. arsenic)
  • Infectious materials (e.g. medical waste)
  • Radioactive materials (e.g. uranium)
  • Corrosive materials (e.g. acids)
  • Hazardous materials and objects (e.g. asbestos)

Safety during the transport of dangerous goods

Our company deals with the transport of dangerous goods of any category. 

The specially trained drivers in our team meet all the necessary requirements for this type of transport (completion of the required age, passing the ADR examination and possession of an ADR certificate). Before each journey, the driver checks that the vehicle has been properly marked and that the shipper has submitted all the necessary documents.

We are aware that the transport of dangerous goods requires special protection and precision at every stage. At our company, we always take great care to ensure that each and every activity that defines the safety of a shipment is carried out properly. We guarantee that all our customers will take proper care of the consignment entrusted to us, ensuring that it is transported smoothly to the designated point. We undertake even the most unusual orders, as we are confident in our qualifications. 

Our vehicles are appropriately equipped with equipment that is tailored to the type of goods being transported. These include fire extinguishers, gloves, safety goggles, torches, warning waistcoats, warning signs and chocks to protect the vehicle when parked on a slope. We ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the transport ordered from us, and we guarantee open communication and honesty. We are professionals who take on many challenges, and our professionalism allows us to believe that there is no order that would be unfeasible for us. Do you need dangerous goods transport? We will do it as well as we can - that is, 100%!