Kalkulator transportowy

Liquid transports

Transportation of liquid cargo

The transport of liquid cargo requires particular precision and safety check on the part of the carrier. Our specialists know exactly how to take care of these types of products in order to deliver them smoothly and on time. We ensure our customers that liquid goods are transported in appropriate conditions that will not cause them to leak or 'damage'. Our experience and knowledge gained over the years enable us to tailor the service we offer to the customer's requirements and capabilities, and to assist in the selection of the right type of transport for the specific nature of the material being transported. 

We have the necessary equipment to transport liquid materials properly. Thanks to the use of modern technology and systems in our vehicles, we can guarantee that liquids are transported at the optimum temperature for them, thus avoiding many complications. We have the necessary tools to measure the temperature and alarm systems that activate if the temperature rises or falls. Our tankers are fitted with special systems that allow them to be washed efficiently and with great precision, thus eliminating the risk of contamination of the transported fluid.

What liquid cargoes do we transport?

Liquid materials is a broad and general term, so it is worth clarifying what substances we include in this category. Firstly, we divide them into three groups: foodstuffs, petroleum and chemicals. A further subdivision covers only the second and third of these and concerns their safety. Here, we can distinguish between hazardous substances (flammable, poisonous, corrosive and liquid gases) and non-hazardous substances. Regardless of what type of cargo we are transporting, we always guarantee our customers special care.

  • Food cargoes - e.g.: dairy products, animal and vegetable fats, syrups, concentrates, alcohols, mineral water, sauces.
  • Petroleum cargoes - e.g.: liquefied petroleum gas, fuels, crude oil, liquid petroleum products.
  • Chemicals - e.g.: emulsions, fertilisers, paints, oils, detergents, liquid soaps, adhesives, acids.

The rules and regulations for the transport of hazardous substances are contained in the ADR Convention, the guidelines of which we strictly adhere to. Our professional drivers are qualified individuals who have completed the relevant courses and training and have the required certificates. Tanks filled with liquid substances from the ADR category, but also with food products, are also marked with special signs.

With us you will reach where you want- without unnecessary complications!

By choosing our company, you can be sure that your cargo will be transported efficiently and smoothly from point A to point B, meeting all standards for your comfort and the health and safety of others. The qualified drivers who are part of our crew will take full care of the right driving conditions for the liquids being transported, so that their quality remains at the same level as when they were loaded.

Every means of transport we use also meets certain hygiene standards.Our tankers are periodically tested for the effectiveness of their washing and disinfection systems to ensure maximum safety of the substances transported. Prior to each loading of liquid foodstuffs, the vehicle is properly prepared by removing residues from previous loads, properly cleaning with suitable food-grade cleaning and disinfecting agents, introducing the appropriate temperature and checking the operation of all systems. If the need arises, any damage to the loading surface is also repaired at this stage. Thus prepared, the tanker is ready for the transport of any liquid substances in compliance with the required norms and safety standards.

See for yourself how comfortable cargo transportation can be for you with the help of our company!