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High value cargo transportation

High value cargo transportation

When ordering the transport of valuable items, every sender and recipient wants to be sure that they will be transported with maximum protection and that they will arrive at their specified destination on time. Our transport company deals with the transport of high-value goods, which include a wide range of items from electronic devices to jewellery. For our part, we are able to ensure the transport of such cargo under proper safety conditions and guarantee its timely delivery.

Our aim when transporting high-value goods is to meet our customer’s expectations, minimising the risk of loss, theft or damage to valuable items. Thanks to this approach, our customers can fully enjoy the advantages of transporting this type of cargo across the CIS borders and on the Europe-China and China-Europe routes. Our agents and specialised drivers ensure that each transport is carried out taking into account all legal standards and security conditions.

What loads are classified as high-value goods?

In the Polish law, there is no clear definition of high-value cargo or direct guidance on its transport. However, we are supported by regulations regarding the declaration of value of this type of item and the liability that subsequent participants in the supply chain bear in connection with it. Our haulage company cares about its customers, ensuring that their goods are as secure as possible during transport. We use modern anti-burglary systems mounted on trailers, as well as robust reinforced tarpaulins or curtains equipped with special sensors that notify the carrier of an attempted break-in and automatically trigger an alarm in the event of such a threat. 

With regard to the objects that we classify as high-value cargo, we can distinguish first and foremost:

  • Objects that require special protection due to their high intellectual value
  • Unique cargoes
  • Medicines and other pharmaceutical products that require special protection mainly due to the risk of dissemination by unauthorised persons
  • Precious items with a high market value

We are aware of the responsibility for the high-value products we transport

Our company boasts years of experience, a professional approach and specialised, well-trained drivers who are well aware of the responsibility their job requires. Thanks to the knowledge we have acquired and its practical verification over many years of activity, we are aware of the trust that our customers place in us. We also have the necessary skills and high-tech protection systems that guarantee maximum safety and alert us instantly to any potential danger.

The quality of transport for this type of delivery is of particular importance, which is why, for our part, we are able to provide our customers with the necessary preparation and competence to ensure that their valuable goods are transported under strict protection. At the customer's request, we also ensure that appropriate temperature conditions are maintained inside the vehicle.

We are well aware that the transport of high-value goods is a specialised task for which adequate preparation is required. We know which aspects to pay attention to, so we are fully prepared to transport high-value goods safely. Before each journey, we thoroughly check our vehicles and their protective systems to avoid any complications on the way to the consignee. High-value goods are also monitored around the clock during transport. In the case of such orders, not one, but two drivers take part in the transport so as not to cause any stops. By using the services of a qualified, experienced and responsible transport company, our customers can rest assured that their valuable items will be surrounded by adequate protection.

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