Kalkulator transportowy

Container transports

Container transport is one of the most popular ways of transporting goods over long distances, which in many cases reduces transport costs. At our company, we take care of every stage of the customer relationship. When it comes to container transport, we are confident that the price we offer is very competitive and the quality of service is high. This is because this type of freight transport allows us to significantly streamline the entire organisational process, while additionally guaranteeing safety.

This type of transport is dedicated to both large companies and small businesses, making it one of the most versatile forms of transporting goods. Thus, it is possible to transport both large and small goods. Everything depends solely on their proper preparation and packaging.

We offer our customers container transport by rail, truck and sea throughout the CIS, as well as from Europe to China and from China to European countries. We have our own container warehouse for several hundred units and a branch office in China, so we are able to carry out the necessary inspection at the manufacturer's facility, as well as to clear and load the goods anywhere in China with subsequent delivery to the shipment terminal.

Are you an importer of goods from China? Do you run a transport company? Do you deal with forwarding? Contact us and we will help you choose the most convenient form of transport for you!

Reliable door-to-door transport

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, so we will discuss in detail how to tailor our operations to your needs before we start our cooperation. We make no secret of either the advantages or disadvantages of the various modes of transport, so that together we can make a choice that will work best for you. We carry out container shipments of cargo ranging from 1m³ to dozens of containers (full container and groupage), so we are ready to take on any order.

The specifications of the containers we use are adapted to international requirements, so that we are able to use equipment that streamlines the loading and unloading of the contents. This greatly facilitates the entire process, which is appreciated by our customers. Container transport is an excellent choice especially for entrepreneurs whose aim is to transport heavy and bulky goods while keeping costs down as much as possible. Our company offers probably the best and most attractive rates for transport in the China-Europe direction with the time required for delivery after collection from the place of shipment, including loading operations.

Container transport with Viron Cargo - security of cargo, customer’s convenience

We believe that excellent communication is the best way to achieve maximum satisfaction. In addition, we know how important cargo security is for our customers, so we always make sure that it is guaranteed. As far as the biggest advantages of container transport are concerned, there are quite a few, of which the owners of larger manufacturing companies, who often have to import parts from abroad, are especially aware. Amongst them we can include:

  • Transport of cargo on time;
  • No additional, hidden costs - one-off payment for the entire transport;
  • Very large space available in the container;
    Safety of goods transported;
  • Possibility of transporting goods with large dimensions;
  • Ability to choose the right container adapted to each type of product.

The opportunities offered by container transport are vast and will certainly be appreciated by any entrepreneur, shipper or transport company. Cooperation with our company, expands these possibilities even further, thanks to our experience in working with clients, efficient execution of each order, ensuring maximum safety and attractive rates. See for yourself that long-distance freight transport does not have to be stressful or lengthy - we will do our best to meet all your expectations.