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The distinguishing feature of Vironcargo sp. z o.o. is its narrow specialisation, presenting a wide range of transport services in which the company has achieved the highest level of professionalism. When there’s talk of transports of cargoes such as international transports of synthetic rubber and other polymers, transports within the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States, container, oversized, liquid, ADR cargoes of any category - this is the main spectrum of our services, the specifics of which we have worked out and which exclude possible errors.

For the transport of high-value cargo or cargo requiring special conditions, such as strictly defined temperature or specially prepared semi-trailers, the specialists of our company carry out a thorough and well-considered selection of transport, so that the customer can be sure that the transported object will be delivered to the addressee undamaged. In addition, our company is insured by a leading insurance company in the European Union, and we also carry individual cargo insurance at the customer's request.

The logistics functioning at Vironcargo sp. z o.o. is efficient, the response to the customer's offer and the quotation is made in the shortest possible time. In addition, the customer receives full information from us about the pros and cons of the various transport options. Openness to dialogue and honesty - these are the priorities of the company's policy. However, if delays or risks occur with the chosen transport option, our specialists will inform the customer immediately. There is also an option of regular information on the current location of the goods and the time remaining to the destination available 24 hours a day.

Vironcargo Ltd. is a cohesive team of professionals who always stay abreast of changes in the haulage market, keep up to date with amendments and new developments in customs law and are constantly upgrading their qualifications.