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Oversized transports

Oversized cargo transport

Our company offers comprehensive services in the field of transporting loads - including abnormal loads, i.e. those whose weight or dimensions exceed the norms specified in road traffic regulations. Typically, such items include construction machinery or massive industrial equipment, as well as various structural elements. No matter what type of oversize goods you need to transport - our company will do it at the highest level, guaranteeing full safety and compliance with the applicable norms and standards.

Need to transport bulky loads and don't know how to organise the transport? Viron Cargo and our professional drivers have all the necessary authorisations and skills to take care of it!

We will help you determine whether your cargo qualifies as oversized!

If you're not sure whether the load you want to transport from point A to point B counts as oversize cargo - we can help you define it! Many people think that any larger machine will be considered an oversize load. This does not always have to be the case! It is worth bearing in mind that not every bulky good will exceed size or weight standards. In many cases it turns out, that standard transport will be sufficient. By enlisting the help of our specialised staff, you can avoid unnecessary costs. 

Oversize transport must be considered if the permitted parameters of the vehicle and its load are exceeded. These include: length (16.5 m), width (2.55 m), height (4 m) and total weight (42 tonnes). If any of these standards are exceeded - we are dealing with bulky transport. Our drivers have the necessary permits to carry oversize loads, so we can successfully carry out this type of order.

The most commonly transported bulky cargoes include:

  • Large industrial equipment
  • Ship components or entire ships
  • Larger structural components (steel or timber)
  • Agricultural or construction machinery
  • Military vehicles and equipment
  • Large tanks
  • Tramway or railway carriages

At our company, we take into account all the parameters of the load to be transported and our customers' guidelines in order to tailor a maximum optimal solution that guarantees complete safety during transport. We know which type of semi-trailer or platform is best suited to a particular load, which ensures that every stage of the undertaking is carried out in comfort. Caring for the comfort of our customers, we do not hide the inconveniences or disadvantages of specific solutions - we speak plainly. We value honesty and sincerity, thanks to which we are able to meet even the greatest demands.

Safe transport for oversize loads

We carry out transportation within the CIS, as well as on the Europe-China and China-Europe routes. Oversize transports are always a bigger challenge than transporting standard loads, but our experienced drivers also do a good job in such tasks. Over the years, we have acquired the necessary expertise in the transport of bulky goods, so that today there are no unmanageable jobs for us.

Do you want to know how the transport of bulky loads is carried out by our company? We start by mapping out the route to be taken, so that we can avoid complications or possible restrictions during the journey. This way, your journey will run much more smoothly, without any unnecessary delays caused by roadside architectural features such as tunnels, which the transported load may simply not fit through.

We use means of transport such as low-loader trailers or platforms, which are equipped with appropriate elements to protect the load from damage during transport. Thanks to our qualifications and appropriately prepared vehicles, you do not need to think about whether the goods will arrive at the designated place on time or whether they will be transported successfully - we guarantee that you can be sure of this!