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International transport of synthetic rubber and other polymers

International transport of synthetic rubber and other polymers

Materials such as synthetic rubber and other polymers require special conditions during transport. We have the necessary authorisations for the transport of goods such as synthetic rubber. Our company offers the transport of such materials in a suitable environment for them, with the required level of humidity and temperature, and our vehicles are fully equipped for this.

We always adhere to the manufacturer's recommended storage conditions, which enables us to guarantee our customers problem-free transportation to the designated place, avoiding any 'surprises' in the form of any damage to the product. Many types of synthetic rubbers require, above all, protection from heat and abnormal humidity. They must also be protected from direct sunlight, which could have an adverse effect on the product. We are well aware of this and, therefore, it is no problem for us to ensure the right conditions.

If you are looking for a company that can transport synthetic rubber or other polymers in conditions that are as favourable as possible for these materials, you have come to the right place! Our experienced drivers will ensure that your cargo travels as recommended and complies with all legal standards, so that it arrives at its destination intact. 

With our help your order will be executed at the highest level.

Our knowledge of legal regulations and our advanced transport expertise enables us to organise even the most sophisticated transports. When transporting synthetic rubber and other similar products, we adhere to the manufacturer's strict guidelines.

Our company allows synthetic rubber and other polymers to be transported in various types of packaging, depending on product specifications. The first option is bales of several tens of kilos wrapped in plastic film (such as polyethylene) or in boxes lined with polyethylene. These bales are usually packed in crates, which are then placed on pallets or shrink-wrapped. Another option is considered when the product is in powder form. In this case, they are packed in paper sacks or cardboard boxes lined with polyethylene respectively. We also make it possible to transport larger bulk packages. Such a package is, of course, stacked on pallets inside the vehicle. Another form of product is granulate packed in polythene bags. These can also be packed in cardboard boxes and then palletised. Another option is to transport this type of product in liquid form. In this case, our company also offers tanker transport. Synthetic rubber and other polymers are also transported in wooden containers or other load securing materials. We also offer container transport. 

No matter what type of product you are planning to transport - our company will do it taking into account the highest standards, thus guaranteeing you a successful delivery!

The right conditions are key to the successful transport of synthetic rubber and other polymers

Our company is a professional haulier that is committed to maintaining the highest standard of service. We always comply with the restrictions imposed by manufacturers and shippers, so that the product is transported to the recipient in exactly the same condition as it was before departure.

Are you looking for a transport company that will fulfil your order at the highest level? Do you need a guarantee of safe passage and punctuality? With us, all these conditions will be met! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the way we operate, without any misunderstandings or hidden information.